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How a solar cover works...
    A Solar Blanket is the least expensive kind of swimming pool cover. Resembling giant sheets of bubble wrap, the bubbles trap heat from the sun and transmit the heat to the pool, keeping the water temperature warm and inviting. Solar covers float freely on top of the water without tie-downs or anchors. Removing a solar cover is easy-just pull it off and store it. Solar pool cover reels make the task much easier. Solar covers are usually folded and stored or rolled-up on a large reel and wheeled out of the way. Solar covers can be used on both above ground and in-ground pools!

 We also carry a couple of different liquid solar covers that relieve the hassle of having to remove your solar cover. Cover Free made by Natural Chemistry is a great product that reduces evaporation up to 85% and prevents heat loss up to 70%. All you do is add 4oz per 20,000 gallons once a week and save away! Ecosavr's liquid cover is another alternative to dealing with the extra work of a solar cover. It works 24 hours a day even when swimmers are in the pool. Just cut the fin, and toss it in!  
   A good winter cover helps to keep your pool spotless inside and out as well as helping to keep algae growth to a minimum all winter long. There are many different options for winter covers, including safety covers, covers on reels and automatic covers. For more information about ordering an above ground or in-ground winter cover please contact us or give us a call!
Being that we are a Hotspring dealer, we are able to order any Hotspring, Hotspot, Linelight or Tiger River replacement spa covers. We are also able to special order replacement covers for any other spas as long as we have the spa dimensions. Please contact us, or give us a call about ordering a replacement spa cover!
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