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Lighting & Waterfalls/Fountains
     Over the years, lighting pools and spas has come a long way! LED lighting has become very popular for a number of reasons. LED lights last 10 times longer than traditional lights as well producing less heat output and are incredibly easy to install. We carry both the Polaris D'light as well as the Hayward Colorlogic bulb which both have beautiful color options that can be displayed in light shows or one solid color. Contact us for more information about lighting your pool and/or spa today!
Polaris D'Light Bulb
Hayward ColorLogic Bulb
Pentair Magic Stream Laminars
​     We also carry quite a few floating lighting and waterfalls as well as some other fun water lighting options for both pools and spas. The floating underwater light show is very popular and a lot of fun! It adds a nice touch to an evening get together with friends or just a neat toy for the kids to enjoy! 
     The rainbow fountain is a very nice water powered color changing light show that sits at the edge of your pool or spa. You just connect it to a garden hose or pool return and your ready to go! 
     We carry a variety of lights and fountains in our store so stop by and check out what's in stock! If you are looking for a particular item and we don't have it we can always order it just for you! 
Rainbow Fountain
Floating underwater light show!
Floating spinner fountain with lights!
Floating underwater light show with fountain!
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