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ProTeam is a complete line of pool-balancing chemicals including chlorine sanitizers, algaecides, enhancers (such as Supreme Plus or UV Shield), balancers (including pH, Calcium Hardness, and Alkalinity), shocks, and troubleshooters (such as Metal Magic). For more information or to stock up on products, please visit our store.
Baquacil is a chlorine-free pool care system that is gentle and non-irritating to eyes and skin, as well as swimsuits and pool liners. Baquacil will keep your water clear, silky, and soft, while still being easy to use. It sanitizes your pool without the use of chlorine. Stop by and ask us how you can switch over to Baquacil today!
Natural Chemistry is one of the main spa care products we carry. With everything from chlorine and bromine to balancers, water clarifiers and metal removers, we are sure these products will satisfy your spa care needs! We also carry select products from Natural Chemistry's pool care line, including our favorite opening and closing tool the Hassle Free kit!
Similar to Baquacil, BaquaSpa is a chlorine-free spa care system. In 3 easy steps, you can have clean and crystal clear water!
Step 1: Use BaquaSpa Waterline Control to prevent hard waterline deposits.
Step 2: With BaquaSpa Oxidizer, your water is kept crystal clear!
Step 3: Want to keep your water Algae and Bacteria free? BaquaSpa's Sanitizer with Stain and Scale will help you do just that.
Jacks Magic, The Blue Stuff is excellent for use in preventing stains & scale in new pools as well as helping remove stains & scale in older pools. The Blue Stuff is the #1 recommended start-up product for quartz aggregate finishes. Jacks Magic, The Purple Stuff is the #1 recommended stain preventative product for salt water pools. The purple stuff is specifically made for salt chlorine generator pools to help prevent scaling of the cells and extend the cell life as well as helping to prevent staining and scaling on pool finishes.
AquaChek test strips are easy to use with clear accurate results making testing your water a simple task. We carry Free Chlorine, Total Bromine and Salt dip test strips. The AquaChek TruTest, is a digital test strip reader providing an alternative to color matching as well as making testing your water even faster, showing accurate results in just 30 seconds. We also carry a variety of liquid and tab reagents for all your water testing needs. Please visit our store for more information about all of the testing supplies we carry.
​InSPAration is a spa and bath aromatherapy fragrance line with over 50 different scents available for every occasion. This product leaves skin moisturized and soft, all while masking chemical odors without affecting your water chemistry. InSPAration is specially formulated for jetted systems whether for Spas, Hot Tubs, or Hydrotherapy Tubs, inSPAration has been proven safe for all motors, jets and acrylics.  
​Leisure Time, EsScents line of spa and bath fragrances uses natural scents designed to ease everyday stresses and is incredibly therapeutic to the senses. EsScents blend of long lasting scents and skin softening moisturizers not only relax the body and the mind but are also non-oily, keeping your filters clean and having no effect on your water chemistry or spa equipment.   
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We have even more products in our store that are not listed above so, if you are looking for a particular chemical or brand not listed, please e-mail us, or give us a call to see if we have it in our store or if we can special order it for you!
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