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Hotspot Model Spas

Limelight Model Spas
​Hotspot spas are a great affordable spa created by the makers of Hotspring Spas. Hotspot spas are made out of top of the line materials ensuring a long lasting, energy efficient spa that will withstand daily use as well as all four seasons. Hotspot spas are known for low maintenance as well as being easy to care for. Add in an outstanding hot tub warranty, giving you an overall great value.  
​Limelight spas are a new line by the creators of Hotspring spas. This line is known for its impeccable design features along with the superb quality and excellent energy efficiency. Every Limelight spa comes built with music-ready, a feature available at purchase or can be added at a later date. The limelight models have many of the same quality features of the Hotsprings brand spa with a modern flair including the stainless steel jet trim and multi-colored lighting. 
Spas are not only an incredibly relaxing place to start or end your busy day, but also a great health benefit to us all! Whether you are treating arthritis, diabetes, bronchitis, circulatory problems or insomnia, sitting in the warm water instantly loosens up your muscles and soothes the soul keeping your body and mind in a relaxed state. It has been proven that the less stress and more relaxed you are the better you feel. Owning a spa is a great tool in keeping you and the people you care about healthy and feeling their best! Check out the wide variety of spas available including the world's leading hot tub brand!

Highlife Model Spas
Hotspring Spas are known as the world's number one-selling hot tub brand due to the overall quality and dependability, energy-efficiency and commitment to their customers. Having been in the spa business for over 30 years, Hotspring has dedicated their time to ensuring that their product will last throughout the years indoors or out and not cost a fortune to operate, even in the middle of Minnesota's harsh winters. 
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Fantasy Model Spas
​Fantasy Hot Springs spas make quality hot tubs that are affordable and simple to install – meaning they can plug in to a normal outlet. That’s right. 
You don’t need fancy wiring or additional plumbing.
These babies are ready to go!

Plug’n’Play     Affordable    Portable
Energy Efficient     Durable